Confirmation is a rite of initiation normally carried out through anointing and/or the laying on of hands and prayer for the purpose of bestowing the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant made in Holy Baptism and "renders the bond with the Church more perfect."

Choosing a sponsor for Confirmation

  1. The Sponsor must be at least 16 years of age
  2. A person who is Catholic and who has received the three (3) sacraments (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation) and living according to the Church.
  3. Sponsors for boys or girls may be of either sex. Parents may not be sponsors.
  4. A person who will help nurture the candidate's faith before and after the celebration. If a baptismal sponsor has been actively involved in the faith life of the candidate, it is most appropriate for the same sponsor to act as sponsor for Confirmation. This in a special way points to the deep link, which exists between Baptism and Confirmation.

The word sponsor means "one who promises to help, one who takes on a responsibility for someone".

Ideally, your Confirmation sponsor will be one of your godparents, because he or she has been important in helping you to grow as a faithful member of the Church. As you celebrate Confirmation your sponsor will stand with you as someone who has supported you and will continue to help you on your journey of faith.

Your choice of a sponsor should be someone who takes an active interest in your faith life. Your sponsor will also vouch for your sincerity and readiness for Confirmation and also represent the entire faith community in welcoming you into adult-level membership of the church.

Choosing a Confirmation name

Traditionally at Confirmation we choose a saint's name or you may use your baptismal name.