Mass Schedule
Day of the week Time
Weekdays (Monday - Saturday) 8:30am
Saturday Vigil 4:30pm
Sunday Masses
Summer Schedule

June 2 through Labor Day
No 11:00am Mass
1st Friday: Healing Mass 8:30am
Day of the week Time
Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm
or by Appointment

Ever wonder what all those numbers on the Hymn board mean?

  • (a) Mass Parts Usually Gloria or Holy
  • (b) Opening Hymn
  • (c) Offertory or Special SeasonĀ“s Hymn
  • (d) Offertory or Communion Hymn
  • (e) Communion or Meditation Hymn
  • (f) Clossing Hymn

Sing for the Glory of God! Those who sing pray twice!